Hannes Non-Trem Guitar Bridge


This is a very unique bridge.  Each string is fed via a separate coupler unit on the back of the guitar to individually adjustable saddles that give you intonation and height adjustment, (saddle/string plate).   What we noticed is that the mechanical separation gives great note articulation,  you also feel the the tone of the wood coming through more than usual.     Once installed setup and adjustments are a piece of cake!  You can here from the invented Roland Hannes and get more info on the bridge by clicking HERE.

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  1. Joshua Philips says:

    Can you put this bridge on a Les Paul Studio or is the body too thick?
    Also, if the body is chambered, would that affect anything?

    I have the Hannes Bridge installed on a Gibson Melody Maker; however, the tech did not know that in this case the body was too thin…so he added a piece of ebony in between the two. That was two years ago, and I still feel like I don’t know what the bridge would really do for a guitar.
    I have another Hannes Bridge, and I was thinking of buying a worn brown Les Paul Studio, putting Lollartrons in it, and having the Hannes on it.

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