Gary @1979 Ann Arbor Music Mart

OK,  I won’t show this photo to just anyone…

It was a fun 2 years.  I learned a-lot and got to do work for MC5 ( Fred “Sonic”Smith and Patty came in)  Bob Seger,  Blackfoot,  Ted Nugent ( I rewired  and set up all the Birdlands), Suzi Qutro and tons more.  Ann Arbor had a great local music scene

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2 Responses to Gary @1979 Ann Arbor Music Mart

  1. jim baker says:

    gary i bought a grestch superchet in 1972 from john and fred at the ann arbor music
    mart at 336 s state street. i hung around there all the time untill they moved to jackson
    i just wondered if you worked for them and what ever happen to them i new and met
    them in 1968 they had a store on liberty i think its been so long ago i just turned 71.
    i still have my superchet guitar and the cutom amp i bought in 68 fred got so mad
    at john because he let me have that amp for a 800 dallars do you know there last name
    i just knew them by john and fred sure would like to se or talk to them again please
    let me know thanks a lot GOD BLESS
    jim baker

    • admin says:

      Hi Jim,
      I worked there 1978-1979 downstairs in the repair shop. I moved to SF in 1980 and have not talked to them since.
      It was a great place and fun to work at. I would love to say hi also!!

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