Setting up Duane Allman’s Guitars before heading off to the Hall of Fame.

   Around 1995 ish (plus or minus a few years) …. I got a call from a woman who said she was Duane Allman’s widow (or x Girlfriend) I can not remember……  She wanted to bring in Duane’s 2 guitars to set-up in the authentic style that Duane played them.  Not sure where the guitars had been but I was thrilled to check them out.   I did a little research and found that his tech strung up the guitar with the string going back and around over the tailpiece to relieve some of the angle over the bridge.  He also did not like to cut the strings at the tuners, the strings were coiled individually and left to dangle.       I came in on a Sunday to meet her so we could do it on the spot while the store was closed.  She showed up in a vintage T-Bird and looked like Jackie O in a scarf and sunglasses.  It was perfect, very as it should be.  We hung out and chatted while I restrung the guitars with my brand new array of different types of guitar pickups and cleaned them up for showing.   After she left I took a bunch of deep breaths and was thankful it all went well.  Then I played every Allman Brothers record I could find.  It was a great slice of history and brought back a ton of memories!

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  1. R. Runfola says:

    Was curious if there was any conversation about Duane. The woman would have had to of been Donna, Mother of Duane’s only known Daughter, Galadrielle.

  2. R. Runfola says:

    Do you have a picture of both Guitars facing forward? I see the Cherry Sunburst, the other was a Tobacco Burst

  3. It is said that the Duane Allman wrap also helps provide extra sustain is there any truth to that? Also, thanks for sharing the pics, must have been somewhat surreal to be holding and setting up to pieces of rock and roll history.

    • admin says:

      I am not sure about the added sustain. You could make a case that less break angle over the bridge could give you less sustain. I have tried both and every guitar seems to respond a little different. Most people do it because they think it makes it easer to bend strings. It was great to see the guitars after hearing them for so long!!!

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