The Extra Wrap (Stability and Positioning)

top 3 strings wrapped one time

top 3 strings wrapped one time

Here’s a clever twist brought to our attention by our friend Bob C.  He wraps the three plain strings on his barrel-saddle bridge once around the barrel before the string leaves the bridge and heads down the neck.

Why is this a useful mod?  It’s been observed that string spacing on stock Fender bridges can be uncomfortably wide.  Also, when bending the string, especially high up the fretboard, a string on this kind of saddle will move back and forth, especially if the saddles are set very low.  When saddles are set very low the “break angle” of the string is lessened.  A higher break angle gives increased stability.  Wrapping the string once around can go a long way to stabilizing the strings’ position on the saddle.  If the wrap on the high E string comes off the barrel *inside* of where the string first touches the metal it allows the player to bring the strings’ position inboard slightly, leaving a little extra room for bending.

A little extra work a little extra stability.  Thanks Bob!


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