Easy way to adjust a vintage bolt on truss rod.

It can be a nightmare to adjust a truss rod at the end of your neck, especially if you can not get to it at all.  You can go for it and chance messing up your pickguard.  Maybe you can get lucky and remove a tele pickguard while you do the adjustments or you just have to take the neck off.  Biggest problem is the strings hoping off while you are doing the work then trying to restring your guitar with a tangled up mess. Here is one way I have found to expedite the adjustment process.

Start by putting a capo on at the 1st or 2nd fret.  This will help to keep the strings on the tuners.  As you loosen the strings (as little as necessary) give the string a little tug on the bridge side of the capo to keep the tuner side tight.   Be sure to hold the neck as I am in the photo while removing it. Then hold he strings in place on the neck while you give the rod a turn.  Then get it all back together.  If you did it right the string will still be on the tuners and all you will need to do is tune it up!

Couple ideas…..     If your truss rod nut is showing, Stew Mac make a great tool they call the Truss Rod Crank for Tele.  Check that out as well as all the other mega cool tools.          Another trick to keep the strings in place is to put a piece of thin cardboard under the strings between the nut and 1st fret and tape the string to it.

IMG_4413 IMG_4409Nothing says cool like outdoor guitar repair.  Wind in my hair etc…..


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