Our Shop in Guitar World 

Our humble little shop got a nice mention in the Guitar World this month with a picture that shows all our guitars including the famous jaguar.

Thankful to all our awesome customers we just had our 30th year anniversary.   Maybe time for a party?

Is your music lacking energy and power, but you don’t know how to fix it? In most cases, this means you’re probably lacking bass. Whether you’re at the club or at a rock concert, the soul of a track and what you feel is always the low-end, punch of the bass. Without it, a song would feel empty and weak. More and more musicians and producers are starting to get creative with the way they compose music. It’s no secret that virtual instruments are starting to slowly take over. This brings me to the best Bass Guitar VST reviews. The best bass guitar VST is going to be the instrument that sounds the most realistic when it comes to playing a bass guitar VST. It wasn’t until recently that bass guitar VSTs started to sound realistic. Now you can find plug-ins that sound so realistic that you can’t tell the difference.

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