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This page will be for content about my guitar repair shop. I am currently working on what to say. Come back soon to see how creative I will be.

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  1. Jim Nesta says:

    Hi Gary,

    I was just wondering what the approximate turnaround time for a glue up on the neck of a neck-thru bass with a minor crack in the neck near the nut would be. Also, I was wondering about the long-term stability of the neck and possible sustain/tonal changes due to the repair. Would a pre heated neck and hot hide glue be a good choice for a good repair on this type of damage? Thanks for your time and interest in the matter.

  2. aidan says:

    Hi there,

    I am considering do Plek job to my Steinberger GM2T,which is recently refret already.

    how much is it for that service?

    otherthing: could you refinish for TransTrem? mine is worned. So I think it make it new.

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