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I’m starting a section called Weird, Odd, Rare or Old 

Here is something that may have all 4 and then some of the categories.    Looks like Schaller made this for Gibson.  What’s unique about this bridge is the rail connecting the roller cam to the bridge forcing the bridge … Continue reading

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Three Generations of Shop Managers

Glenn          Fern          Allen I am very lucky to have great friends and co-workers. Glenn has moved on to Product Specialist for Gibson, and many locals still see him around.  Allen is on … Continue reading

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Easy way to adjust a vintage bolt on truss rod.

It can be a nightmare to adjust a truss rod at the end of your neck, especially if you can not get to it at all.  You can go for it and chance messing up your pickguard.  Maybe you can … Continue reading

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Kill switch issue on the Buckethead Guitars

A while ago I had to change out the kill switch on a Buckethead guitar. Problem is the switch it comes with is a midi disco trigger button, not the best. There tends to be a lot of clicking noise when you … Continue reading

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It must be true. Joe says it right here :-)

  OK, says it right here !!!   Tim and I (and Plek not pictured) teaming up on Joe’s 3 new guitars.  Some new frets a couple Sustainiac’s and lots of guitar loving.   It was fun to see the development … Continue reading

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