Our Crew

Our Crew

The cultural anthropology of a small but doughty repair shop where guitars are made well again or changed for the better. We work together, we know our equipment and we understand how to make concepts come to life. Brawer Guitar Repair is a start-to-finish crew that thrives on expanding our skill sets, working with new people, learning and inspiring new ideas.

We embrace all challenges and overcome all obstacles, we manage to get our business running since day one, we got help from a web design company to make our website, marketing strategy and advertising products such as flyers and business cards. Thanks to this we have been able to have more customers as our clients have a better communication and we are more reachable for them.

We did an event as our humble little shop got a nice mention in the Guitar World this month, and it was great to have all the support and we are so thankful to all our awesome customers we just had in our 30th year anniversary.   Maybe time for a new party?  we will let you now soon !!

Theses are the friends we have made from diving full force into what we love to do.



This is me…….    The boss 🙂

Jeff T

2 Responses to Our Crew

  1. Hi there. I de-fretted a Warmoth birds-eye maple P-bass neck, filled in the fret grooves with filler and sanded it down [gently and carefully].
    Can you please give me a ball park quote for the following:
    Further fine neck sanding with a radius block, lowering the nut and adjusting the action.

    And separately, what do you charge for threaded inserts?
    Thank you!!

    • admin says:

      Hi Tim,
      I’m sorry I just saw your post. I am happy to Level your fingerboard. We use the Plek machine which can level the fingerboard as well as possible for less buzz, lower action and easier playing. From there we can adjust your bass to your comfort. We have sourced perfect inserts for neck to body coupling. The neck work and set up will run $225, the inserts are about $75. Once you have the work done you have 1 year of subsequent service to fine tune your action as the need arises. Sometimes weather will change and instrument or your tasted may even change.
      Thanks, Gary
      ps Just call the shop or come on down…

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