Gary vs Guitar Cables

Watch out…. Goofy time.

Here’s a couple out-takes from a photo shoot from an article I wrote for Guitar Player Magazine about cables.  The mural is across the street from the shop.  We always seem to have lots of cables around, working or not.


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DIY Strap extender

Our customer came in with this on his guitar.  Taking the lack of balance issue into his own hands.  Typically if the top strap button is at about the 12 th fret your in Busness. So that’s what he did.  Found some plastic tubes and a long screw.  Somehow this even felt solid. I can see this going bad as well so be careful if you give it a try.


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Saw these nice fenders on the Real Guitars wall today

        The fun of sharing my shop with a vintage guitar store is seeing what happenes to catch my eyes each day.  There is always something fun!   

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Nikki Blakk visit and matching shirts. 

Our good friend and Bay Area Radio Metal Goddess Nikki Blakk stopped by today.   Her and Fernando happened to be wearing complimentry Death Angel shirts!   Local fan favorites!!   She was helping out a band looking for some cool guitar stuff.  We found a little something to help and that was that.

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Tim is a little Verklempt!

Tim vs Neck Break

Tim vs Neck Break  ( you know who wins)

We get 2 to 3 guitar peghead breaks per Week. Ranging from simple glue up to multiple laminations and full touch up.
The best part is always seeing the face of the guitar owner when they see how well it can go together and many times can not even see the crack.
One of the best things you can do if you ever have a crack is to glue it up as soon as you can. This keeps the 2 sides from shrinking or expanding independently.

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