How do we polish frets?

We were asked recently how we got frets to look so good.  There a few methods to get to the same result.  Here are a couple.  One way is to use small fret polishing wheels that we shape to the contour of the frets and use different grits to bring the fret up to a slick feeling polish.   The large wheel works great to polish the frets and the fingerboard.  The goal is a smooth and slick bending fret and have the fingerboard not feel sticky under your fingers.

Fret polishStew mac


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More 80’s The Power Preamp!

We installed quite a few of this things along with Alembic Stratoblasters and Bartolini Chips etc…..  I did not find the preamp but found some of the preamp tone modules hidden in a box.

I have way too many boxes….

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Biggest thing in the 80’s, Ferrington.

It was the biggest thing in the 80’s, everyone had a Ferrington.

You could get that electric feel and “Acoustic” sound.

Ben happend to get a pair in here at Real Guitars and the memories came rushing back.

I still have a drawer of replacement pickups!!  The string tension had a way of breaking the top of the pickup.






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Cool Bass of the Day, Old Yamaha!!



We are thinking this may be one of the 1st Yamaha electric basses??  Looks Cool.  COOL Bass

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Fifty Years in the Hole

bring it

“The Nite Shift” will enliven your party

Simon brought us his badass Futurama guitar (a Hagstrom III in slightly different costume) for a set-up and a small bit of electronics work.  It cleaned up beautifully and now plays like a cheese dream.  In the course of our conversation Simon revealed his Father had been in a band (as a drummer but it’s okay) and the guitarist in that band had played the same model of guitar.  To back up his tale he showed us a photograph of the band “The Nite Shift” in the early 1960’s.  Just one of hundreds of small bar bands playing in England at the time, a handful of whom would go on to become The Who, The Small Faces or Humble Pie.  Not these guys though.  They played and went on to other careers.  But look at those hopeful faces.  We’ve all been there.  I asked Simon to model his Futurama.  1963 meet 2013.

like Father like Son

The apple does not fall too far from the tree

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